“Vannacci defended Italy, he is a free man who fought Islamic extremism in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was threatened by ISIS, imagine if I'm afraid or if I'm afraid of a snobbish left-wing journalist.” Fifth morning League leader Matteo Salvini locks in his candidate for the European elections. After the controversy surrounding his declarations on classes with distinct characteristics, he directly attacked his opponents: “If someone on the left freely decides to name a person who is in prison for very serious charges, why former commander of the Fulgore will he be named? Who defended the honor of the fatherland in the world? The reference is to Ilaria Salis, Avs candidate and detained in Budapest. According to Salvini, General Vannacci's words were “deliberately misunderstood” to create a file: “The Minister of School is from the League, that of Disability is from the League”, declared the Deputy Prime Minister, ” we hired 13 thousand support teachers and also invested in overcoming architectural barriers. But more serious disabilities obviously require more help. It would be a problem for these children and for all other classmates not to benefit from this. additional help.” The Minister of Transport finally denied that Vanancci's candidacy had created discontent within the party: “We have chosen to offer all Italians a candidacy of valor and honor like that of Vannacci. League was born on the territory, everyone will vote at the territorial level: in Friuli the Friulian candidate will vote, in Sicily a Sicilian, that seems natural to me.”

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