Boion Polesine does not exist

If you are vaccinated, do not go through the metal detector. This is the invitation of a notice posted outside the municipal offices of the fictitious Commune of Boion Polesine. A parody that some have taken too seriously.

For those in a hurry:

  • The Commune of Boion Polesine does not exist.
  • There is a parody page of the same name on Facebook.
  • Metal detectors do not go off because vaccines do not contain substances that activate them.


Let's see a screenshot of one of the messages being checked (here's another one). The description reads:

Now, after vaccinating them, they are also discriminated against and enter the municipal offices through a secondary door?

In the image you can see an alleged notice posted in front of a municipal office in Boion Polesine inviting vaccinated people not to go through the metal detector:

Vaccinated users (with double or triple doses) are requested to access the municipal offices through the side entrance (via Magellano) to avoid the metal detector continuing to ring. Thank you.

It is not specified which vaccines are being talked about, but reference is made to a “double or triple dose” and therefore to Covid.

Boion Polesine does not exist

However, this is a joke. The Municipality of Boion Polesine, in fact, does not exist. Just a search on Google Maps is enough to realize this and scroll through the posts on the page of the same name to realize that it is a simple parody. Boion Polesine should not be confused with Bojon, a small hamlet in the municipality of Campolongo Maggiore, in the province of Venice.


The image of the notice inviting vaccinated people not to go through the metal detector is satirical, but many have not noticed the detail that reveals it unequivocally: the fact that the Commune of Boion Polesine does not exist.

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