How would the European elections go if Italians voted these days? In the latest weekly survey Emg Different, a market research company led by Fabrizio Masia, tried to change perspective by focusing only on who will actually go to vote on June 8 and 9. First of all, it turns out that 55 percent of those surveyed expressed this intention. But 20 percent will “probably” vote, 12 percent “don't know,” 7 “probably not” and finally 6 percent are sure they will stay home on those days. This means, according to Emg, that the estimated participation rate amounts to 54 percent. The market research institute was therefore restrictive on this sample, that is to say those who declared that they would go to the polls. The results reveal trends consistent with those observed in the latest polls for the center-right: the bloc with an overall credit of 44.5 sees Fratelli d'Italia with 27.5 percent, the League with 8.7 and Forza Italia – Noi Moderates slightly down with 8.3. percent.

Who enters and who does not

Among the opposition, the Democratic Party of Elly Schlein would exceed, albeit slightly, 20% (20.5 to be exact), while the Greens and the Left Alliance would suffer, credited with only 3.7%. With these figures, the Bonelli-Fratoianni team does not reach the threshold of 4 percent and therefore even Ilaria Salis, the anti-fascist activist detained in Budapest and leader in the North-West constituency for the Avs, would not be in able to win a seat in the legislative elections. European Chamber. Still according to EMG's conclusions, the 5 Star Movement would obtain 16 percent of the votes, the United States of Europe (the list made up of Italia Viva by Matteo Renzi and + Europa by Emma Bonino) 5. Those who do not would not exceed the threshold of the barrier – according to data from Emg – Action-We are Europeans of Carlo Calenda obtained only 3.4 percent. This is followed by Santoro's Peace List with 1.9 percent, Cateno De Luca's Libertà with 1.8 percent and Other lists with 3.2 percent.

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