The only good news from the Italian Paralympic Indoor Freediving Championships: two Cmas (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) world records and several Italian records during the event organized by Fipsas, in collaboration with Asd La Salle Eridano, in the 50 m pool of the Trecate sports facility in Turin. Two new world records signed by Ilenia Colanero from Lanciano who swims under the colors of Apnea Team Abruzzo: Cmas record both in dynamics with fins with 115.60 m and in dynamics without equipment with 62.25 m. “A splendid emotion – he said – because finding confirmation in water is never easy. I managed to prove to myself that limits are only mental“.

She was followed by Alessandro Cianfoni, an athlete from Velletri. He too, in the dynamic without tools, surpassed himself by reaching the 100 m barrier. To this world record, Cmas managed to add a second one, this time Italian and “static”: 5' and 46'' submerged without breathing. “Everytime – explained the standard bearer of the USS Dario Gonzatti from Genoa – these are enveloping, wonderful sensations. And reproducing them is not a normal daily life“.

The Turin swimming pool, however, was the scene of other exciting performances, such as those of two Sardinian freedivers, who managed to bring four Italian titles to the island: Nicolò D'Atri, from Club Sub Cagliari, achieved the new record Italian both in dynamic apnea with fins with 91 m and in dynamic apnea without tools with 61.70 m, while Ottavio Demontis, from Nuoro, under the Asd Passione Apnea, became Italian champion in dynamic apnea with fins with 105.45 m Italian champion (and author of the new record) in dynamic apnea without equipment with 69.95 m.

Great performances also for Matteo Bergamin and Nicola Ferri. The first, registered at La Salle Eridano in Turin, obtained the Italian title (and record) in dynamic apnea with monofin with 117.20 m, while the second, from Arezzo, registered at Umbriasub, climbed to the highest step as a visually impaired person on the podium in dynamic apnea without equipment, covering the distance of 80.75 m.

Alessandro Cianfoni, world record in apnea for disabled people Fipsas

Alessandro Cianfoni, world record in apnea for disabled people

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