the second life of Federico Pasquali of Abruzzo

The world summit pickleballthe new sport which is a cross between tennis, ping-pong and padel, speaks Abruzzo.

A pharmacist from Pescara, Federico Pasqualiit actually became the best in the world in its category, the Over 50, which is one of the most popular for this discipline, now praised by the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation, popular in the United States for years.

Federico Pasquali's story begins in 2019, when a pair of pickleball rackets was delivered to him by friends who then invited him to try the sport.

Pasquali loved tennis and was a third-class player. In the province of Pescara, in Tocco da Casauria, there were and still are courts dedicated to pickleball and there were also Zelindo Di Giulio looking at him, one of the pioneers of pickleball in Italythe man who, more than others, supported the birth of the Italian Pickleball Federation, today based in the Abruzzo region.

In the video testimony, Pasquali tells about the goals he has achieved and his new life as a sports champion. This year, he won all the European tournaments in his category and began to frequent the American circuit: he is in fact the first Italian to appear in the “ranking” of American professional players.

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