In Belgorod, a border region between Russia and Ukraine where bombings and military actions by pro-kyiv forces have been taking place for several days, an ultimatum was issued by the Russian Freedom Legion. The militias announced half an hour in advance a massive attack “against military installations and positions of the Russian armed forces in Belgorod: “We invite all those who have not yet managed to leave the region to immediately sheltered “. Earlier today, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had rejected several attempts to infiltrate the territory by Ukrainian saboteurs, a message that also spread yesterday. At the same time, the Federation votes for the presidential elections. Putin had declared that, since March 12, Ukraine would have “used 2,500 men, 35 tanks and around forty armored combat vehicles” to penetrate Russian territory, “mainly with special operations units, foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian support forces “”, but that all attempts had failed.

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