“Give me the courage to smile at a dream, if it cannot come true”, is the final verse A sign of life, the new album by Vasco Brondi, available on the market today. A non-random verse, he will reveal it in the interview with Open, which best expresses the meaning, the aesthetic, the soul of this latest work from one of the most refined new faces of the Italian singer-songwriter scene. Many saw him take his first steps in music with Luci della Centrale Elettrica, a project that marked the history of the independent movement. The natural continuation, after four albums and undeniable success with the public and critics, after having become a small enormous musical cult for an entire generation, was to assume its own poetics with its own face, naked and raw, in putting aside any other variation or mask of his musical creation.

Ferrarese, born in 1984, the intention, from the beginning, to Degraded Beach Songsthe 46th most beautiful Italian album of all time, second rolling stones, totally intellectual. Everything always starts from music, but over the years, he also evolves easily between literature and theater, with an ability, if not unique, at least very rare, to offer his audience a reflection which is the result of his own most authentic essence as an artist. artist: deep, enlightened, visionary, poetry like a kaleidoscope through which to look at our existence, constantly in balance between beauty and comfort. It is therefore no coincidence that the vinyl and CD version of A sign of life be accompanied by the book Little unpopular pop manual, which he himself defines as “An album overflow”. There are obviously many things to say, to exorcise, at the end of his exploration, intimate but also physical, geographical, between distant islands and very high mountains, to compose this marvelous new work. Its unpopular pop shouldn't scare you off though, the ten songs that make up the album, created with the help of some of the most sought-after producers on the Italian scene, including Federico Dragogna, voice and pen of Ministers, are quite welcoming and indeed, perhaps even more than in the past, they are full of energetic hope, which he translates with Open as “clumsy pop” or, aptly, unpopular, even in the face of the tragedies they face from forehead.

“That’s what songs can do: not be hell in hell,” he tells Open, quoting Italo Calvino. Songs that naturally need their own dimension, a dimension that Vasco Brondi has chosen to find in the clubs, where it all began for him: 14 dates in 12 cities between April and May, half of which have already sold out in very little time. time time. This is because the public probably still feels a great need for committed music, which goes beyond simple entertainment, a more adult and more reliable artisanal vision.

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