He returned to his parish of Rivisondoli, in the province of L'Aquila, to celebrate the Stations of the Cross with his faithful. They greeted him with a bit of surprise, knowing that nothing was known about Don Daniel after the car accident a few days ago in which he was involved and tested positive for cocaine. “My client stated that he had never voluntarily consumed narcotic substances,” explained lawyer Gerardo Marrocco of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, who accompanied him during the ceremony and spoke to journalists to defend the reasons of the priest of Colombian origin, cocaine cannot be consumed only by what we call sniffing. Whether he ingested it by mistake is another matter. I will defend him with all my strength, also and above all because he is a man of worship.” And if there are those who joke about what happened, like Osho who commented on Instagram: “Maybe- be a bad host”, the lawyer was peremptory. “My client is not responsible for the crime of theft or aggravated theft, but he is responsible for an offense, that is to say of a traffic offense and it is therefore necessary to demonstrate that, immediately after taking this substance, he undertook to drive”, he added, referring to the crash against the guard body, with no injuries to anyone, “and if it is proven that the accident was caused because the cocaine did not allow him to drive properly, then a conviction is welcome.” The lawyer also read some passages from the report of emergencies: “It appears that from the objective examination carried out by the doctors on duty in Sulmona, Don Daniel appeared alert, oriented, the pupils reacted normally to light and he did not present any symptoms with the recent consumption of cocaine.

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