An 85-year-old woman died in an accident while being transferred home by private ambulance after leaving hospital due to her improving condition. This happened in Termini Imerese, in the Palermo region, where the elderly woman had been hospitalized for complications related to kidney failure. Here she was followed and cared for by the staff of the medical service, from which she was released after her health condition improved considerably. The family then turned to a private company which rents equipped ambulances. During the transfer home, the stretcher inside the car overturned and the woman fell, hitting her head hard. The ambulance immediately returned to the hospital, where the patient was admitted with minor trauma and bleeding. But nothing could be done and the 85-year-old died shortly afterwards. The family members, assisted by lawyer Francesco Paolo Sanfilippo, filed a complaint with the Termini Imerese Public Prosecutor's Office and the duty prosecutor has already ordered an autopsy of the body.

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