“Light it up blue”, is the project launched by the organization “Autism Speaks“, which consists of lighting the main monuments of cities around the world in blue to highlight this particular condition.

On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day 2024, Rome Airports illuminated the fountain at Fiumicino Airport in blue, to highlight the commitment to the full realization of human rights, freedom and equality.

“Our commitment extends, every day, to supporting our passengers through concrete actions and services. This includes the use of Accessiway technology to ensure that our web pages are accessible to all users and the valuable assistance provided by ADRAssistance's dedicated and qualified staff,” the company's press release reads, ” One of the initiatives to support our autistic passengers and their families is 'The Autism Project – traveling through the airport', a collaboration between ENAC and ADR Assistance. This project offers recommendations and suggestions to caregivers to help autistic children and adults face their journey with peace of mind, making their flights even more special.

In the evening, the municipality of Fiumicino also illuminated it in blue June 2 extended bridge to join the awareness campaign: “This is a symbolic but significant gesture, which demonstrates our commitment and our desire to promote awareness and social inclusion, through targeted initiatives, guaranteeing support to autistic people but also to their families, involved on a daily basis. in a very complex management.“, underlined the social policy advisor, Monica Picca.

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