A village, that of Police in Piazza del Popolo, who lived three intense days with numerous meetings, debates, conferences and continuous contacts with citizens, students and tourists who visited this wonderful corner of the center of Rome in recent days.

The morning saw the performance Nettuno dog group Guided by Piero Tavolaro, who today said goodbye to his work at the Police after 40 years, with his colleagues and the dogs of the group with whom he shared 10 years of his life.

His colleagues are with him Francesca and Riccardo with Fester and Isko they performed in front of an audience seated on the steps and massed along the perimeter of the event.

Also with them was the bomb squad team who demonstrated how to identify an explosive and how to detonate it safely.

The police motto is #alwaysthere and even more so when it comes to the elderly. The doctor Francesca Picierno Rainews.it explains to Rainews.it the most common scams, what to watch out for and which number to call to ask for help and receive assistance.

Another important moment was the meeting on legality not only with the Roman schools but also, for example, with the school of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio. The boys were accompanied by the parish priest Don Enzo Cozzolino who, speaking to Rainews.it, of the interaction between law enforcement, the parish and the school, from which the right synergy can arise to keep children away from the street and from the paths that lead them out of legality, says that: “The children I need someone to listen to them.”

But sport also plays its role with youth centers in Golden Flames which often occur in the most difficult areas as the doctor says Carmen Pedrone bringing the example of Marcianise, of Saint Basil. An effort not only to create champions but also to “sow” legality.

And at sunset, the Horse Band arrived to end in style

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