THE design it is one of the drivers of change and evolution of outdoor vacation. It becomes an instrument and a response to an increasingly widespread and powerful need for experiences in close contact with nature, in a constant dialogue between the structure in which one stays and the surrounding landscape.

We talked about it at Milan Design Week 2024 (until April 21), during a conference hosted by the director by DOVE, Simona TedescoAt ADI Design Museumin Piazza Compasso d'Oro, where it was installed Heliosnew mobile home born from the collaboration between the first Italian manufacturer of glamping solutions, Crippa conceptand the starchitect's workshop Matteo Thun.

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A moment of conference at the ADI Museum on outdoor tourism

Design and nature: the perfect combination of outdoor holidays

Architectural design meets outdoor tourism. Thus a new way of thinking aboutlive in the future (on vacation), comfort oriented. Gone are the days when the campsite presented itself as a “rustic” agglomeration of tin houses. Today, the solutions – mobile homes, maxi caravans, lodges and safari tents – are designed and created to fully experience spaces, internal but especially external.

The glamping trend

After all, glamping is now a trend: it combines the feeling of freedom old-fashioned camping, al comfort and hotel services luxury. It also changes the image of unexpressed territories, as evidenced by some of the leading groups in the outdoor segment: Club del Sole, Human Company, Vacanze col Cuore.

Create real ones destinationssee glamping Nabi Lakes from Castel Volturno, born on the old sand quarries used for construction, and today a place to contemplate beauty (the lakes are now also suitable for swimming), or Zoomin Turin, where you can go on a safari and have breakfast with giraffes an hour from Milan, hospitality goes hand in hand with environmental protection, and the mobile homes and safari tents are personalized in textures and colors to recreate the environment of Tanzania.

Helios: the new mobile home designed by Crippaconcept and Matteo Thun

Helios, the innovative removable living module of 45 m2 (in the photo above) by Crippaconcept and Matteo Thun, is the result of work of less than a year, in which different synergies came together: the team of designers, the artists' office, the technical and development offices, and the collaboration with the University of Pavia, where there is a real sectoral research center where we study the quality of products, the sustainable model of recycled and recyclable mobile homes and the use of minimal spaces.

“Our presence at Milan Design Week is a moment of sharing ever new projects, with an emphasis on innovation and flexibility of spaces, but also onaesthetic internal and external,” he said the CEO of Crippaconcept, Sergio Redaelli.

“I am considering a collaboration with Matteo Thun And Benedetto Fasciana an objective and starting point for our activity dedicated to the dissemination of architectural culture for our entire sector” added Sergio Redaelli. “Designing temporary housing solutions is no less valuable than designing housing solutions permanent, the fact that they are intended for experiments of a limited duration must guarantee, even more, their quality.

Houses that interact with the landscape

The structure presented at Fuorisalone 2024 is the synthesis of the new segment of outdoor tourism: connection with the landscape who enters through the large windows of the mobile homeultra-pleasant outdoor spaces, natural materials and interchangeable finishes which adapt to the different contexts in which the structures are located so that they integrate perfectly into the territory. Wherever you are, by the sea, by a lake or in the middle of the mountains, nature will be an integral part of the experience.

Helios born from the segmentation of taste: it offers conscious luxury in a mobile structure, available in three different concepts: Classiclinked to the sea; Essential, made only of wood; And Modernwith pop and colorful windows”, explained the architects Matteo Thun And Benedetto Fasciana. “It is a flexible, modular living space that simplifies the complexities of construction, pushing the idea of ​​micro-architecture even further. »

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