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Everyone on the track, in the open air. Where July is an invitation to warm up our muscles and embark on new adventures. Like the one, which we propose in our focus, of “Outdoor gyms”. We will go together to the most dreamed (and desired) sporting destinations in the world. To enjoy passions at maximum power.

Windows on infinity

Jump beyond routine and all obstacles: it will be a month of July full of invigorating experiences, to reconnect with your body and with yourself. The trips we tell you about range from the sacred places of Bhutan, which require an effort to access (in the meantime, you can listen to the silence, and your own breathing) to the underwater silences of Sardinia, Villasimius, a barrier-aquarium free one hour from Cagliari. For those who want to sail further, the sea we cross is also that of Gozo, splendid, where you can move between salt pans and megaliths, fortresses and churches: a real enchantment. And that's not all: at Dove in July, there will also be the little secrets of Sorrento Peninsula: from villages immersed in nature to isolated coves, islands and forgotten coves. For those who like to stay late – without losing shape – even the sweetness of life on vacation Emilia-Romagna, to discover a unique coastline converted to well-being.

On the cover, Villasimius: Porto Giunco ​​​​beach and the Spanish watchtower (photo Gian Marco Leoni (Ig: marklions)

Many weekends to regenerate

Those who only have a few days to spend near or far will find, as always, our best weekend proposals. From Setubal, in Portugal, a natural paradise for sports lovers, for walking Valtellina, sheltered from heat and noise. And once again, a hit and run on the Amalfi Coastwhere the pizza is really special, or come see us Marsala, to recharge your batteries in the city of Trapani with its relaxing and Mediterranean rhythms. You can also go further, beyond the borders, even for a few days, to enjoy the climate of Gran Canariathe island of desires: forget the stress on the paths between the dunes, in the canyons and in the craters.

A lively and rosy summer

So don't miss the new issue: on Friday June 28, we will be on newsstands to become your personal trainers. Also ready to make some small concessions, like the article on page 126 which celebrates the wines of the moment, neither white nor red. Versatile, undemanding, surprisingly rich in history, it's the summer of pinkwhat's trendy.
And it is savored in small sips. Just like Dove.

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