7 euros for a sandwich, 3 for water

The time to leave on vacation is approaching and for those who plan to cool off in a service area of ​​the peninsula's motorway network, it promises to be a summer with a heavy bill. This is what the latest Altroconsumo survey reveals, carried out in 22 service areas between Milan, Naples, Rome and Venice.

For those who want to have a classic quick snack at the considered rest areas, the the average price of a sandwich is around 7 euroscompared to 4.20 euros for a normal bar: this means that you actually spend around 70% more on the highway than at the bar near you.

It's not better for those who decide to have breakfast: for a the average cappuccino costs 1.84 euroswhile for a brioche 1.72 euros, 12% and 26% more respectively. For a simple coffeeFurthermore, the average expenditure amounts to 1.35 euros, or 14% more. Additionally, if you want to quench your thirst, even simple bottled water can be “salty.” Natural or sparkling,'cascade in service areas, costs on average more than 3 euros per litercompared to 0.67 euros per liter in supermarkets.

In Altroconsumo's analysis, the following elements were also taken into account soda (orange soda and cola) and there was no shortage of surprises: these products, in fact, present in different formats from 500 to 330 ml, cost around 8€ per liter.

However, if you choose a “energy drinks” it rises further: for products which cost on average 13.57 euros per liter, it reaches 16 euros per liter.

Those who want to treat themselves to a little relief from the heat and buy a packaged ice cream, must take into account an average expenditure of €3, with an average price per kilo of €38.51. Regarding savory snacks, €3.13 on average is spent on a bag of chips, with an average price per kilo of €23.08. Finally, to buy a chocolate bar weighing around 100 g, on the highway you spend on average 3.70 euros, but prices can vary from 1.20 to 6.29 euros.

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