Investigations by the ROS carabinieri continue scrupulously into Matteo Messina Denaro, the person responsible for the massacre who died on September 25 at L'Aquila hospital, where he was hospitalized while serving a life sentence of 41 bis at the prison “The Costarelle”. His tattoos are also being examined by investigators. On his chest, to the right, Messina Denaro had the following words engraved: “Among the wild tigers”. On the forearm, always on the right however: “Ad augusta per angusta”. On the left: “VIII ed)”. In one of his notebooks that he explained, he remembers The Republic“My tattoos are not to follow the fashion of the moment, they are my experience and serve to not forget”.

The pizzini found at the sister's house

He had also spoken about these tattoos with his sister Rosalia, incarcerated since last March. During the search of the woman's home, police found a note with the inscription “C tattoo”. Another pizzino, however, reports the phrase: “Ad augusta per angusta”, with a date, subsequently deleted, that of June 24, 2012. Then again: “To glorify oneself through suffering or glorious things through sadness”. And also: “23/4 2013 19 and a half years old. Heart June 20, 2016. Glorious things, sad things. 24/6 2012 Tigers wiped out like that”. Sentences, these, which all have to do with his tattoos. In Messina Denaro's hiding place, the police also found a letter also addressed to his sister, but never sent, in which she referred to her “signs”: “For these signs that I called C, you saw them and in writing I explained the meaning to you, I don’t know if you saw them clearly given the precariousness. of everything However, now you know that there are these C's and you know what they mean.

The tattoo artist

The day he received his three sisters in prison, the boss showed his tattoos: “Augusta for angusta, I did it in June 2012. To glory in suffering, I did it for my daughter , when she left. Still in prison, Messina Denaro also spoke of the date 08/10/1981, tattooed on his left arm: “It’s an important date for me,” he declared. But he didn't say anything else. Finally, he mentioned the last tattoo: “I got it seven or eight years ago.” The magistrates questioned him several times about these tattoos: during an interrogation, Messina Denaro replied that he had done them “via Rosolino Pilo”, in the center of Palermo. However, the tattoo artist, questioned by the police, ruled out that there was among his clients a “man who would have the facial features of Matteo Messina Denaro”. But from his archives, made available to investigators, it appears that on June 29, 2012, Andrea Bonafede, born in 1969, one of Messina Denaro's trusted men, had gotten a tattoo. While the day before, June 28, the name of another person from Campobello di Mazara had been registered. Investigators summoned him to the police station, but he does not have a tattoo. It is probable – writes the Sicilian edition of Republic – that in 2012, the fugitive used this other identity.

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