Another case for abuse of power and influence peddling. While Governor Giovanni Toti decides not to answer the investigating judge during the interrogation for the investigation into corruption in Liguria, a new trend is emerging. This illustrates crimes that can technically be considered as pressure exerted by public managers on civil servants to obtain resolutions and permits. Toti, his lawyer reports, plans to resign. Meanwhile, details are emerging on the thirty-year extension of the bulk terminal. And on the accusation that Aldo Spinelli bought it with bribes. During an interception, the entrepreneur boasted about the increase in the value of his LLC. When Hapag-Lloyd acquired 49 percent of the company in September, Spinelli said by telephone: “They gave us an amount of money that you have no idea about, an incredible thing.”


Talking about Spinelli's interception today is the Corriere della Sera. While on the phone with Toti, the governor asked him for funding for documents. The investigating judge Paola Faggioni reports the text of Spinelli's wiretap: “Nearly three hundred million! They gave us a dried chestnut. 73 million! How could we say no? But then cash, eh? Concerning bulk cargo, it appears that the process aroused opposition from three members of the port authority committee. Among them the representative of Genoa Giorgio Carozzi. Who, during a telephone call with a friend who answers from a cell phone registered at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, asks him not to vote for. Because “this is not at all in accordance with the law”. Indeed, more: it’s “handcuff bullshit”. Spinelli will appear before the judge today for bond questioning. Also today, protests will begin to demand Toti's resignation. Among those present, there will also be the leader of the 5 Star Movement Giuseppe Conte.

The new trend

Republic talks about the new trend in abuse of power and illicit influence peddling. At the center is the movement of chemical warehouses from the Multedo district towards the port. Always to help Spinelli. In an interception, Toti told Mayor Bucci on December 22, 2021: “…He wants us to take away that fucking Concenter…they're all attacking the stagecoach…Aponte takes his, this other one takes his, Spinelli takes his. …that is to say us? They're not giving us shit?” . Bucci, with Ponte Somalia, would have satisfied Spinelli.

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