EU appointments, Salvini tries to give Meloni a helping hand (in his own way): “It smacks of a coup d’état”

“What is happening in these hours is a coup d'état carried out by European bureaucrats at the expense of citizens.” Matteo Salvini said on TV Forehand and backhand then written in black and white in a post on social networks. If Giorgia Meloni, involved in the difficult negotiations on the appointments at the head of the European Union, expected help from her government ally, she will have been disappointed. It is easy to imagine the League leader's statements as the prime minister began discussing the new appointments with the other leaders of the 27 member countries. On the other hand, Salvini claims the result of the last European elections, the far-right parties having obtained excellent results in France, Germany and Austria, even if they did not particularly modify the composition of those elected to Parliament. An attempt, in its own way, to legitimize the negotiating power of the Prime Minister. “Millions of citizens in Europe voted and demanded change in Brussels in every way,” Salvini continues, “and those who lost votes are proposing the same faces, which is why Ursula von der Leyen, socialist in European Council and Macron's designee for foreign policy. Unacceptable”.

Salis's “arrogant beginnings”.

In his speech on the Rete 4 programme, Salvini also mentioned the election of Ilaria Salis in Strasbourg. “I did not like the arrogant beginnings of Mrs Salis who did not apologize for having occupied houses, for not having paid thousands of euros in rent”, the criticisms of the minister and the deputy prime minister, “in front of the television, there is certainly someone who gives up shopping or going to a restaurant in the evening to pay their rent or mortgage. Because occupying the house is a crime.” Salvini then invites him not to propagate “as acts of rebellion what is a crime”, according to the minister “one must apologize and pay the rent arrears”. Then he comments: “Now, with the salary of a European parliamentarian, I think he can afford to pay it back.” Finally, a thought also goes to my old friend and colleague Umberto Bossi, who has been at odds with Salvini's League for some time. “Bossi called me an idiot thirty years ago, even today he sometimes argues, but if someone has done something important for me, he can also attack me, he can also insult me, he can even denigrate me. Now I am vice-president of the Council, minister and secretary of the League: I can no longer even offend anyone”, he concluded.

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