“My journey to Paris 2024 ends here”

It could have been his last Olympics, but Vanessa Ferrari will not go to ParisThe Italian gymnast was injured during the test for the Italian artistic championships, scheduled in Cuneo from July 5 to 7, an event that would have served as a dress rehearsal for the Games. A calf injury stopped her.

“My journey to Paris 2024 ends here. Yesterday, at the gym, during the test for next week's combination, taking off from a jump, my calf gave out. With the Olympics missing a month, there is no time limit for recovering from a muscle injury. Although I have been battling various ailments since December, technically I was doing very well. Unfortunately, his body couldn't hold on,” he wrote on Instagram where he also posted the video of the moment of the injury accompanied by a broken heart emoji.

And again: “I started this path with the desire to fight until the end but also with the awareness that there could be this type of outcome, it is part of the “game”. However, even if I have had many injuries in my career, you never get used to them and the blow is always strong, especially after three years of training and a month from the final goal. Now I need a moment to digest this hard blow but I want to thank all those who supported me and who always believed in me because the support I received was always fundamental.”

Vanessa Ferrari, gymnast Handle

Vanessa Ferrari, gymnast

It would have been the fifth Olympic Games for the champion, who made her debut in 2008 in Beijing, the only minor in the Italian team, then in London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020 where she won silver.

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