Tightrope walker Roose crosses the Strait of Messina

The Estonian Slackliner Jean Roose he crossed it on foot Strait of Messinawalking on a ribbon stretched between the pylons of the old power line across the strait, just under two centimetres wide (barely 1.9 cm and extending over 3.6 km at a height of over 200 metres).

However, he was unable to break the world record, because right next to the finish line, about a hundred meters from the finish line, he lost his balance and did not complete the course. At that point, to the applause and encouragement of onlookers and swimmers, he resumed his march and still reached Messina.

The thirty-two-year-old Red Bull athlete left Villa San Giovanni at 8:46 a.m. on Wednesday morning three hours Then, at 11:44, he reached the Torre Faro pylon in Messina.

Crossing the stretch of sea between Sicily and Calabria represents a daring sporting challenge for many reasons, from the enormous distance, to the difficult weather conditions, to the complex environmental difficulties: the slackline in fact has points at different heights, creating a difference in altitude which also requires absolute precision.

“I feel 'jaantastic', I'm super happy, a little tired and fatigued… but guys, I made history, I walked 3.6 km across the Strait of Messina,” Roose said. “It was a long walk, full of surprises from start to finish, I had some difficulties, but the weather was nice, I expected more wind.”

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