Stromboli, new explosion and pyroplastic flow: a cloud of gas and ash rises over the island – The video

New strong explosion on Stromboli, after the eruptive activities at the beginning of the month. Shortly after 2 pm on Thursday 11 July, the monitoring network of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology recorded a powerful explosion followed by the emission of pyroplastic flows with the rise of a dense cloud of gas and ash on the island. The INGV – Etna Observatory, Catania section reported yesterday evening, from around 10 pm, a progressive increase in Strombolian activity in the Voragine crater, which had resumed in the afternoon. The forecast model for the dispersion of the possible eruptive cloud indicates a direction towards the south. This activity produces ash emissions which, in accordance with the forecast model, disperse towards the south. A warning has therefore been issued for the flight, a Vona, red in colour, despite this new eruptive phase of Etna the Vincenzo Bellini international airport is operational, but is experiencing delays, a WizzAir flight from Tirana diverted to Palermo and two easyJets from Naples and Genoa cancelled.

Video by Matteo Appiani, @teo_appio

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