The Viterbo Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation file against the husband of Viterbo Mayor Chiara Frontini and the condemnations addressed to city councilor Marco Bruzziches during a dinner. The couple were guests of the municipal councilor, married and father of two children, when Fabio Cavini addressed the owner as follows: “When you want to strike, you either have something or you invent it. Now I'm not going to tell you exactly how to do this and we do it in extreme cases. We are not beginners, if I want to hurt, I understand who in your family situation is weaker, and then I will hit that person. Either he has it or I create it for him, unfortunately I am his dark soul and that is why I am very hated, because sometimes I have to do very bad things.” Words are part of the confrontation at within the municipality where Bruzziches has the delegation for the valorization of the real estate heritage, as reconstructed The messenger. A few months after the election of Frontini in June 2022, Bruzziches, however, began to express his dissatisfaction with the allocation of certain municipal lots. An open confrontation then breaks out between the first citizen and part of the majority which supports her, and which begins to disintegrate. And here, according to the complaint presented by Bruzziches, the “restorative” dinner took place, during which he recorded the conversation. In the recording brought to the Prosecutor's Office, the councilor declares that the speaker is Cavini, who supports his wife's political activity but plays no role. The magistrates, in addition to clarifying the issue, intend to dig deeper to understand whether these convictions are an improvised explosion, reaching the climax of a dispute, or whether they should rather be framed within a more complex system, a modus operandi for deal with political issues and resolve disputes. Investigators have already heard, according to people informed of the facts, the former president of the municipal council – who resigned in open dispute with the mayor -, a municipal director and a surveyor. “These are sentences uttered not in a public or official place, but rather during a dinner with friends in which it is not foreseeable that the guests will record the conversations,” responded Mayor Frontini, “the The simple fact that the advisor took steps to record our conversation makes me believe that there was already a specific intention on his part to use it politically to my detriment. The statement contains individually extrapolated sentences without reference to the actual context. The facts are the subject of an investigation, which is still ongoing, with the attendant duties of secrecy on the part of those informed.”

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