He slipped down the bank and never resurfaced. On the evening of Saturday March 16, a 53-year-old man was with his wife at Murazzi in Turin, near Piazza Vittorio, and was taking the classic couple selfie along the river when he lost his balance and fell in the Po. Aghemo, from Rivoli and about to celebrate his birthday next Wednesday, tried to stay afloat in the icy river water as the woman screamed for help. The screams were heard by passers-by, who gathered around the accident site. The tumult alerted Rasel Miya Md, a 23-year-old from Bangladesh, who as soon as he understood the situation did not hesitate to jump into the water and try to save the man, who did not know not swim. But the cold and darkness made it virtually impossible to locate the body. “I saw a lot of people looking outside, screaming. Then I looked in the water and I saw a person: I didn't see him falling, but you could see his face out of the water going slowly down,” he said after was rescued by 118 people. Sadness, but also bitterness. , because “no one tried to help him. They were all motionless watching”, he explained, “I am really sorry for what happened. “happened, I thought I could save him.” Miya remained in the water for more than half an hour, putting his safety at risk: “But at one point, I couldn't see anything anymore, I didn't know how to move forward.” About an hour later, Aghemo's body was pulled from the water and rescuers attempted to resuscitate him, to no avail. It was at this time that his wife fell ill and was taken to the hospital.

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