Rapper, influencer and also a bit of a travel blogger. These days, Fedez is visiting London for the first time. A trip he also wanted to inform his fans about: “Hello friends, this is my first time visiting London. I don't know why, at the ripe old age of 34, I decided to visit this city,” Fedez recalls as he drives around the English capital. And then, not without a hint of Ironically, he gives “unexpected” advice to all his supporters: “You have to be careful when you cross here, because they drive backwards. Follow me for more advice,” quips Fedez. But if this is the first time for the Milanese rapper in the streets of the City, the inhabitants of the English capital seem to know who he is. In another story published on Instagram a few hours after the previous one, Fedez is in a club. And we hear one of his songs in the background: “Sorry, I wanted to tell you that the song is mine. Let me know if you like it, give me a little review…”

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