Fedez's health condition is worsening and this is the reason why he will not participate in the first episode of Up close, no one is normal, the new show by Alessandro Cattelan broadcast Monday May 20. Rai had anticipated this in recent days, stressing that the TV personality's absence was not due to “health reasons” and not the recent investigation he is involved in over fights, injuries and beatings in connection with the beating of personal trainer Christian Iovino. In the previous days, after rumors about the cancellation of the rapper's invitation as a guest, his presence was reconfirmed. But today, it is his own staff who must confirm the deterioration of the rapper's state of health, “more serious than initially imagined”, reports Ansa. However, the same entourage does not confirm the news regarding Fedez's new hospitalization. The clarification became necessary after the indiscretions of Fabrizio Corona on his online diary Dillingernews in which he states that the rapper “has very serious stomach issues and was rushed to the emergency room.” This is the only real reason why he will not participate tomorrow evening in the premiere of Cattelan's new program on Rai2.”

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