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A few kilometers from the border between Italy and Austria, the road crosses the high peaks of the Rhaetian Alps, until reaching the Austrian Tyrol and enter the Stubai Valley. Known for the glacier of the same name and for its peaks that exceed 3000 meters above sea level, it is an ideal alpine destination for a summer vacation full of countless outdoor activitiesperfect for regenerating in the freshness of untouched high-altitude nature.

The five enchanted villages of the Stubai Valley

Immersed in an almost magical atmosphere, the five villages of the valley pass one after the other for around 35 km, all in the traditional Tyrolean style, with wooden houses and flowered balconies, but each with its own identity. Coming from Italy, he welcomes visitors to the Stubai Valley Neustiftthe best known and most visited for its proximity to the Stubai glacier and dominated by the rococo-style Saint-Georges church.

At only 4 km you meet Fulpmesan ideal place for a family vacation that offers various child-friendly attractions followed by Telfèsin the center of the valley, nestled on large meadows and surrounded by larch forests which give it a romantic and wild appearance.

Even further, here Mieders, picturesque Tyrolean village, which, more than the others, invites calm among the farms of small producers and authentic trattorias, and Schoenberg, a small rural town renowned for hiking and cycling, which marks the bottom of the valley just 10 minutes from Innsbruck. Departures from here four cable cars which lead to Stubai Glacierhas Schlick 2000 it's at Elfer and Serles where to go to discover these places among spectacular views, hiking routes and fun theme parks for the little ones.

Stubai Glacier, on the roof of Austria

The majestic Stubai Glacier it is the symbol of the valley and the largest glacial ski area in Austria. A precious place at altitude which, even in summer, offers numerous opportunities to do excursions and outdoor activities, suitable for the whole family and always surrounded by a magnificent Alpine panorama at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. With the Eisgrat and Schaufeljoch cable cars, which slowly reveal landscapes of rare beauty, you reach the top station, where one of the most popular attractions in the entire valley is located: Upper Tyrolthe viewing platform located at an altitude of 3,210 meters which extends nine meters into space.

A breathtaking view of Stubai Alps, with more than 100 peaks that exceed three thousand meters up to the Dolomites. Here, it is worth taking the time to breathe deeply, contemplate the natural spectacle before you and discover the names of the surrounding peaks with the telescope. The extra experience? On July 28, you can participate in a workshops Of Yoga on the glaciera unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself while immersed in the majestic setting of the glacier.

Once satisfied with so much beauty, you can take a stroll along the Gletschersteig route which passes between colorful peat bogs, glacial moraines and artificial lake, until reaching the Eisgrat station, at 2,900 meters. An ideal destination also for families, where the little ones can have fun Mammut playground with the reconstruction of this six-meter-high prehistoric specimen, which invites you to climb, play, slide and admire the spectacular views around. A beautiful hike of medium difficulty also starts from Eisgrat, reaching the middle station of Fernau (2,300 m), via the ice cave where you can admire the shapes, colors and history of the glacier, and the artificial lake Fernau, an oasis of tranquility that invites you to relax.

Spectacular views at Schlick 2000

From Fulpmes, the cable car takes you to the upper station of Schlick2000. The stops not to be missed are the panoramic points to admire the surrounding peaks. From the Kreuzjoch mountain station you reach the Stubaiblick platform with a small panoramic path suitable for everyone, from where you can admire the Stubai massif, the Kalkkögel and, even further, Innsbruck and the Zillertal; or the natural site Gletscherblick, one of the best viewpoints in the Stubai Valley. From Froneben middle station, a route through woods, meadows and relaxing stops in a cabin leads to Gschmitz, from where you have a splendid view of the peaks. Maybe by swinging on the swing located right at the most scenic point.

In addition to the spectacular scenery, Schlick 2000 offers hikes of varying difficulty. The most evocative, but also the most stimulating, is theStubai High Road, a route of 80 km and 6 thousand meters of altitude difference, to be completed in several stages, which takes you from refuge to refuge offering a unique experience in the Tyrolean mountains. But the most fascinating and accessible is the Sunnenseit'n Weg which leads from the intermediate station of Fröneben in Schlick 2000: in addition to offering a beautiful view of the valley, its attraction lies in the 110-meter bridge suspended 50 meters from the ground.

Among the easy routes suitable for everyone, there are the nature trail which, from Kreuzjoch station, crosses Swiss umbrella pine forests and ponderosa pine fields where the environment is illustrated on interactive panels, and crosses the Panoramic lake; or the treehouse trailwhich winds through the forest area, punctuated by seven themed houses where you can have fun with climbing, suspension bridges, mesh tunnels, slides and swings.

Elfer, the mountain of time

From Neustift, still by cable car, you reach the Mount Elfer, where the attraction is the largest visitable equatorial sundial in the Alps: a wooden chronometer with an inner diameter of eight meters. In addition to offering a panoramic view of the Stubaital, it is the starting point for various excursions, including thematic trails dedicated to natural cycles such as sunny weather, Flowering period And Stone Time. Elfer is also the ideal destination for those who like to try adrenaline-pumping experiences, such as paragliding, both for professionals and beginners, climbing walls, via ferratas and downhill mountain bike routes which lead towards the valley.

Monte Serles, guaranteed fun for families

Finally, the Mieders cable car takes you to Mount Serles (2,717 m.), defined by Goethe as “the high altar of Tyrol. It is another paradise for excursions, fun and relaxation in contact with high-altitude nature in the Stubai Valley. A bus network departs from the Koppeneck mountain station pathsas the circular route Kaser-Mander-Steig which leads to the border between the Zinnertal Alps and the Stubai Alps, or, also suitable for the little ones, the King Serli's adventure trailwhere eight interactive stations illustrate nature and the local world through play.

Fans of bikes they can, on the contrary, count on nine cycle paths well marked ranging from 9 to 50 km, from those for beginners to more difficult ones for experts. Like the one that leads to the Maria Waldrast sanctuary, or to the Ochsenhütte refuge and the Gleinserhöfen farms and then back to Schönberg.

For family entertainment, there is also the Train Serles which reaches the sanctuary of Maria Waldrast and the summer toboggan runwhich descend towards the valley through forty bends between woods and meadows.

Discovering the bottom of the valley, between Spa and historic centers

At the end of the day, or as an alternative to the many altitude activities, we set off to discover the valley floor, stroll through the small village streets or take a regenerating break in a spa between swimming pools and health treatments. Here too, there is no shortage of opportunities for trips and excursions caressed by the Alpine breeze. Very pleasant and relaxing, for example, is the Stubai tram which connects Fulpmes to Innsbruck, the regional capital: inaugurated in 1904, it is a line with the charm of yesteryear, which in an hour's journey slowly crosses the woods and villages of the valley surrounded only by the silence and tranquility of nature.

But from Neustift the fascinating part begins wild water trailwhich crosses woods, turquoise alpine lakes and small springs until reaching the imposing Grawa Waterfallthe largest in the Eastern Alps: comfortably seated on wooden deckchairs placed on the platform built at its feet, you can enjoy the spectacle and also benefit from the beneficial effects of its water on the respiratory tract.

The valley is also ideal for two-wheeler rides. For example, by following the Stubai cycle path 19, an easy route of 9 km completely asphalted, which from Stackler passes through Falbeson and arrives in Mieders, immersed in alpine nature and stopping at inns or restaurants along the way. Just before arriving at your destination, you come across the Klaus Äuele children's playpenwith a rock room, a treetop adventure course, the flying fox and a pond where you can enjoy the sun and the view while relaxing on the lawn.

But since Schoenberg, the Gleins forest animal trail, a nearly three-kilometer themed hike that leads to the Gleinser Hof Alpine Inn at 1,420 meters. The route is punctuated by four interactive stations illustrating the animals that live in the forest.

Move freely with the Stubai Card

Those who choose to vacation Stubai Valley finally, find interesting benefits and discounts thanks to Super Stubai Card, reserved for those who choose to stay in accommodation structures that are partners of the initiative. The card includes free travel on all four cable cars, on public buses between Innsbruck and Mutterbergalm and on the Stubaitalbahn tram between Fulpmes and Innsbruck, as well as two entries per week to the StuBay and Miederer Schwimmbad swimming pools. In addition, discounts are available on major activities: from museums in Innsbruck to the Air-Park, from rafting trips to summer toboggan runs in Mieders.

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For those who, however, choose accommodation that does not agree with the initiative, the Map of Stubai: offers the same services as the Stubai Super Card and can be used 5 consecutive days out of 7. It can be purchased at tourist offices or at the four ski lifts.

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