“When you die, he stays with me”: here is the new Zerocalcare comic strip with the father’s untold story. The first sketches and the release date

“When you die, he stays with me.” This is the title of the new Zerocalcare comic book which will be released on May 7. The artist's publishing house Bao Publishing announced it on social networks: “Last week we had a long meeting here at the editorial office with Zerocalcare, and together we decided that today was the good day to announce that his next comic will be released in May. 7, will be 304 pages long, and will be titled “When you die, he stays with me”. The editors of Zero, born Michele Rech, assure that “the story is of rare beauty. He speaks, for the first time in depth, about the relationship with his father”, we read in the post accompanying a video in which the author draws the title and the image of a character already seen in his previous works on a white table. On his Instagram profile, the designer of Rebibbia adds that the new book is almost finished: “I am a pragmatist,” writes Zerocalcare, reiterating that the work will focus on the relationship with his father “So, reading this title (When you die, he stays with meeditor's note) if it only depends on him”, quips the designer.

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