Paolo Calissano, investigation closed on his legal guardian: “He stole 500 thousand euros from the actor”

Three years after the death of Paolo Calissano, the actor who died on December 29, 2021 following poisoning by antidepressants, and seven months after the arrest of the support administrator who took care of his assets since 2006 for 13 years, the Genoa prosecutor's office closed investigations into lawyer Matteo Minna. According to the Ligurian prosecutor's office, which investigated the current accounts and bank movements, the legal guardian deceived the actor and three other people for a total of 800 thousand euros. In Calissano alone, half a million money was stolen, according to investigators who acted under the impetus of the complaint filed by the family, starting with his brother Roberto, through the lawyer Santina Ierardi. His relatives had become suspicious of money withdrawals and economic transactions. Minna is under house arrest for aggravated embezzlement, false ideology and false evaluation, and is also under investigation for embezzlement of an incompetent person: through his proxies, he allegedly organized the purchase and sale of companies to hide money movements. . The Genoa court had appointed Minna as Calissano's support administrator, after the legal events that involved him. Indeed, in 2005, the actor, a well-known face on television in the 1990s and 2000s, was sentenced to four years in prison for selling drugs after the death of a woman following a cocaine overdose at his residence. In 2008, he tested positive for white powder after an accident and served time in a drug rehabilitation community.

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