The actor Francesco Benigno, after his expulsion from the Island of the Famous, does not give up. The former reality TV candidate returns to speak on Instagram. In the episode broadcast yesterday, after the decision of Banijay and Mediaset, presenter Vladimir Luxuria reiterated that Benigno's exclusion is linked “to certain behaviors considered prejudicial to the regulations, which each castaway signs before leaving”. He returns to social media to thank everyone for the support received. “My lawyer authorized me to make this video to reassure all of you who are on my side. I also do it because news is circulating on the Internet about my death. I make these minutes of video to thank my family, my love Valentina, our son, my other two sons Manuel and Giuseppe who supported me through my social pages, my grandchildren, relatives and friends,” said Benigno. A “sea of ​​people” explains the actor who would have liked him to return to the island “I can’t say anything about that. My lawyer Enrico Sanseverino controls everything and is following the case with my agent Mario Squillante.” Tomorrow morning the actor will return to Italy. “I know that you have filled the pages with support, love and truth. May God bless everyone. For the rest, I can't add anything else at the moment. Thank you, really thank you to all the Italians”, concluded Benigno.

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