Giorgia in Potenza, Arianna in Viterbo. It's Election Friday for the Meloni sisters, both involved in rallies for upcoming election challenges. The Prime Minister, more accustomed to the stages and the public to harangue, gives the green light to the elections for Vito Bardi, seeking a second term as president of the Basilicata Region. Almost at the same time, from Toscia, the other sister from Italy performed one of her first public prayers. Some have said that Arianna Meloni, from Viterbo, will run in the European elections on June 8-9. As he left the Bains des Papes, he denied to journalists: “I’m not running.” It is a concept which summarizes what was said shortly before, during the gathering Italy calls Europe: “Today – April 19 – there has been a lot of talk about my presence here in Viterbo. We asked ourselves “has he changed his profile, so he wants to be a great leader”. No, I am not here to replace the Prime Minister, to do who knows what, the leader of the party, I am here as leader of the Brothers of Italy and as an activist. This is what we are, activists: we chose to do politics without having any personal ambition, it is with this spirit that we began to do politics.

Arianna Meloni, head of the political secretariat of the party led by her younger sister, emphasizes that she does not like it often being in the spotlight. I have said it several times, everyone knows it, I believe that we can do politics even without having a public role, even behind the scenes and we have demonstrated it because I tell you that we are an army of men and women who do the work behind the scenes for women. Then he focuses on the rally's goal, launching the FdI's sprint to the European Championships. She announces that the party will nominate a representative from Viterbo for what, for her, is “the battle of battles”. He explains: “the Italian model must be the model that we bring to Europe. Just as we are building a strong, productive and authoritative Italy in foreign policy, we want to build a Europe that is self-sufficient and less dependent on other continents. » And he concludes with a motivational message, in memory of the long period spent in opposition: “Today, after many years, we have arrived at the government of the nation. We actually didn't arrive, we just left. If we can make a difference, if we are so good and so focused, this story will speak for us. And it will be the story of the government that will change Italy.”

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