This is the last of the gatherings, that of the united center-right in Basilicata, before the electoral silence begins. Sunday April 21 and Monday April 22 we will vote to choose the next regional president. And the leaders of the parties that make up the government majority are all gathered in Potenza to support the election of the outgoing Vito Bardi (also supported by Azione and Italia Viva). One of the moments that arouses cheers from the audience at the foot of the stage is when Antonio Tajani mentions the name of Silvio Berlusconi: “Italy does not grow if the South does not grow and the South does not grow if the Basilicata is not growing. . We must increase the minimum pensions to a thousand euros, this is a commitment that we have made and that Berlusconi asked of us until the last day of his life. It is a desire that in his name we want to achieve together. He looks at us, he sits there, he follows the rally too.” In front of the leader of Forza Italia, in order of appearance, Lorenzo Cesa of the UDC and Gianfranco Rotondi of the DC intervene on stage. After them, Maurizio Lupi of Noi moderato, who defends the reform of differentiated autonomy: “Autonomy does not mean wanting to detach the country. We are trying to make it even better, because the South and the North can travel in the same way.”

It is then the turn of candidate Bardi, who thanks the national leaders who arrived in Potenza and accuses the left of “using fake news” to criticize the regional government, led by him, and the national executive. It's time for the big holidays. Tajani is the first: “The demonstration of Bardi’s good governance lies in the numerous lists that support him. The borders are expanding, the real field of action is the center-right, more and more forces are allying with us”, in reference to the support that the governor obtained from Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi. It depends on the League. “Basilicata first, Lucania first” is the slogan with which Matteo Salvini chooses to conclude his speech. In the previous passages, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport also makes a promise regarding his ministry: “ In the coming months we will invest 3 billion to repair the roads in Basilicata and at least double for the railways. On the left, they remember Basilicata, the week before the elections. the five years of the legislature, “let Giuseppe Conte and Elly Schlein put their souls at peace”, and raises the level of conflict with subjects that do not concern the Region.

“Woman is not a paying ATM. The rented stomach is a crime.” And again: “Parent 1 and parent 2 do not exist.” Salvini also has it for Europe: “He wants to force us to drive with Chinese electric cars.” In Brussels, they want to tax real estate.” Finally, he winks at the pacifists: “In the European elections, those who choose the League make precise choices: they choose peace, despite the winds of war between the 'Ukraine and Iran. Let 2024 be the year of peace, and not of war as someone else claims.' The Prime Minister closes the joint gathering. have preceded, does not hide from the question of autonomy, which burns mainly in the southern regions. “The left says that the government abandons the South. could leave half of this nation behind. They spoke to the wrong person. Differentiated autonomy is the subject of constant fake news. The prerequisite is the identification of the Leps. There has been a gap and we are the ones fighting it. »

“Differentiated autonomy does not mean that I take away from one Region to give it to another, it means that if I have a virtuous region, the State can consider giving new skills to manage. This gives something to the South: the empowerment of its ruling class, which is necessary. It does not surprise me that those who oppose differentiated autonomy more than others are those who have the worst parameters in Italy.” The leader of the Brothers of Italy claims several successes of her executive, in particular the increase places in medical schools He teases political opponents on issues of linguistic inclusion: “equality cannot be achieved by calling me 'president,' I don't care how they refer to me. call.” And then she returns to the subject of the so-called fake news that her opponents would spread to attack her: “They said that we wanted to abolish the level playing field, put journalists in prison, that we wanted to abolish 194, as well. of lies.”

“It’s beautiful what concerns journalists in prison: I read “Meloni wants to send journalists to prison”. In practice, there is a proposal to get journalists out of prison, signed by an FdI parliamentarian, we are getting journalists out of prison. And since an FdI senator presented an amendment to say “let's keep it for serious cases”, then we are in favor of sending journalists to prison. These are blatant lies. But it doesn't work because citizens are more informed than they seem.” In short, for Meloni, “Italy is becoming the world capital of fake news.” His government, he says, did more than the center-left leaders “held together with scotch tape”. This center left who, according to him, would have “privatized health with lip service doctors”, who “sympathizes with those who attack the people”. agents”. And he concludes with a promise: “It is fundamental to know that there is consensus and enthusiasm, that we are doing it for someone, this life cannot be done for ourselves – the political life – as long as the Italian people ask me, I will not spare myself for this work.”

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