For a few days Chiara Ferragni has started interacting with followers who comment on her publications on Instagram, sometimes giving little hearts to those who ask her to resist and smile even in the less than idyllic moment she is going through, others times responding to criticism. or providing small details about what he transmits to accounts he apparently knows best. However, the influencer is not satisfied with the relationship with fans that Instagram allows her. And he plans to move his broadcast channel, which only opened in June last year.

The idea launched to fans of the channel “Chiara’s Most Faithful”

In a video posted on Instagram on the evening of March 14, Ferragni launched a sort of referendum among his followers: “I was thinking about something, guys“, he explains, “since I have the group of people here in front of me the most faithful where no one can respond, which is a bit stupid on Instagram, let's face it, I was thinking: what if I made a Telegram group? For those who want to know more about me, I the most faithful let's say, where you can also reply to me, create threads, etc… Let me know if you're interested.” Ferragni immediately launched – still on Instagram – a survey with the theme: “Would you join the group Telegram?

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