As widely expected, Vladimir Putin has won a new term as leader of Russia which, barring incredible cataclysms, should see him in power for 30 years in the largest country in the world. The new issue of DOMINO is entitled “The Russian question“. We wanted to investigate what the Russians want, what they want from themselves, from the world, what position they claim to have, because in the face of farcical elections, repression, dictatorship, real circumstances, they continue to guarantee a consensus that is equally authentic to Vladimir Putin. What they see in him, even if they know his moral duplicity, his hidden fortunes, his share of lies, which is the majority, almost one hundred percent, is what he tells. However, there is a consensus there, because Putin represents the standard-bearer of what the Russians claim to be their own civilization, against the West described as predatory, but also against the East, against China which wants gnawing away at his Orient. part. Since Russia will, and is already determining, our lives, this is an opportunity to examine it in depth, without our Westernist categories, but looking at the world as Russians try to see it.

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