The Twitter/X account known as Latest news For more than a year, it has been presented as a pro-Russian propaganda channel, spreading disinformation about the invasion in Ukraine and beyond. During the Russian presidential elections of March 15 and 17, the account and that of its founder Rinaldo Sidoli began broadcasting pro-Ukraine and anti-Vladimir Putin content. This is not a change of direction, but one of the many works carried out in recent days by Anonymous Italia activists. A large-scale operation, where there was more than just piracy Latest newsbut several social accounts and a number of sites.

In the bio of the @ultimenotizie account, modified following an investigation by Opennow appears the one imposed by the group of activists, surrounded by a new profile photo representing a bloodied Vladimir Putin and the writing “War criminal”: “The latest news is free DIS-information #H24 promotes Russian propaganda in Italy, spreading disinformation and fake news about the war in Ukraine.

Sidoli's social media accounts hacked

It's not just hacked Latest news. The same fate befell the story of Rinaldo Sidoli (@rinandosidoli), but with a completely different profile photo personalized by the activists: the face with the bloody forehead is not that of Vladimir Putin, but that of the founder of Latest news. In the bio, we now read: “Former notorious propagandist in the pay of the Kremlin and terrorist Putin, creator of #LatestNews: free DIS information #H24 which promotes Russian propaganda”.

For Rinaldo Sidoli, there is no peace. From their official Twitter/X account, Anonymous Italia activists have claims by checking the Linkedin profile, to which they added the word “Propagandist” in the name.

OkRoma and were also hacked

In the Anonymous Italia account (@AnonSecIta) we find other demands, such as control of the sites And Revue.infoin addition to the sites And, the latter has already been violated in 2023 of the same group. For all these sites, the activists report the same message: “#Stop RussianPropaganda in Italy”.

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