The AS Roma story continues to evolve regarding the employee fired after a young player posted a video of himself at red lights. According to what the Football Federation has learned, the public prosecutorHANDLE, would have in fact opened an investigation on this subject. And the interrogations and the acquisition of documents have already started. The objective of the FIGC prosecutor's office is to verify the possible responsibilities of members relating to the broadcast of the employee's private videos. The company's (unofficial) thesis is based on three points: the fact that the incriminated film involved another Giallorossi employee (also fired in the meantime), who would also have been, in addition to his partner, the direct superior of the young girl. Secondly, the fact that the relationship took place within the Fulvio Bernardini sports center in Trigoria. Finally, the fact that the video contains conversations that would violate the professional ethics of employees. Because judgments would be made on other workers at Friedkin's company.

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