Chico Forti's return to Italy is getting closer and closer, after approximately 25 years in prison in Florida, United States, for premeditated murder. It will still be weeks, not days, before the complex bureaucratic procedure of transferring the 65-year-old to an Italian prison facility is completed, a process that began after Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's surprise announcement. Today, March 15, a new step forward was taken. The Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio sent to the Prosecutor's Office of Trento the document with which he requests to initiate, with the Court of Appeal, the recognition of the American penal sentence pronounced against the prisoner. Once implemented, the court must then recognize the sentence and apply it. Forti was arrested in 1998 for the murder of Dale Pike and illegal possession of weapons, and sentenced in 2000 to life in prison. Among the documents sent by the Minister of Justice, there is also the file transmitted by the Department of Justice in Washington, which is in charge of the extradition process since Forti was transferred from a prison in Florida to a prison federal after the green light from Governor Ron DeSantis. From Largo Arenula, the technical information requested on the modalities of execution of the sentence in Italy was sent to the American authorities.

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