Zerocalcare struck by the portrait made by one of his fans, sought after a year later: “I wanted to draw myself a drawing but I couldn’t find it anymore” – The video

Zerocalcare has long been struck by the artistic abilities of one of his fans, who gave him a realistic portrait of his face a year ago. At the time, images from the scene went viral. “But is it a photo or a drawing? Does that suit you?” asked the designer, particularly struck by Béatrice's drawing. She, excited, replied no, specifying that for the moment she was not making a living from her art. In reality, it had all started shortly before, when the girl sent him a photo of the portrait via Instagram and was surprised by the response from the Roman artist: “How beautiful. Now Beatrice has started making another video content again.” on TikTok in which she responds to an intervention by Zerocalcare which concerns her During the presentation of her latest book. When you die, he stays with me, a question came from a girl in the audience who asked him if he had ever thought about creating content with another style. But the designer replied: “Once, a girl gave me a portrait of me that she had made, hyper realistic, to the point that it looked like a photo. I thought I would like to achieve that effect, but I knew I couldn't do it. I said to myself: “Now I'm going to find this person, I'm going to ask him if I can use his drawing or if he can make one for me specifically”, but I never found him. In the end, I said to myself “I'm going to do it, these cocks. But it didn't go well“”. Béatrice released a new video on social networks in which she reconstructs what happened and responds ironically: “At first, I didn't think they were talking about me, but now I'm dying, I'm shocked.”

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