Palestinian arrested in L'Aquila, no extradition to Israel: “He risks inhuman treatment”

The L'Aquila Court of Appeal has decided to reject Israel's extradition request for Anan Yaeesh, the 37-year-old Palestinian arrested with two other compatriots on terrorism charges. According to Digos and police investigators, the three men had set up a real military operational structure in the Abruzzo capital, called the “Rapid Intervention Group-Tulkarem Brigades”, with which they planned to carry out attacks “y including suicide attacks”, against civilians and soldiers. in foreign territory. For the judges who refused extradition, the risk that Yaeesh “could be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, or in any case to acts which constitute a violation of human rights” is too high. The court refers to reports from some non-governmental organizations that have monitored Palestinian conditions of detention in Israeli prisons. These documents refer to “extremely harsh conditions for Palestinian citizens, characterized by overcrowding, physical violence, poor sanitation and lack of health care, further aggravated by the ongoing armed conflict.” course “. In addition, the judges also justify their decision because the prisoner “is the subject of criminal proceedings for the same facts which are the subject of the extradition request within the framework of a procedure promoted by the public prosecutor's office of L’Aquila.”

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