Two bodies of boys carried away in the Natisone found, rescuers' hypothesis: “Dead in a few moments”

The bodies of two of the three young people missing since May 31, when they were submerged by the current of the Natisone river in Premiariacco, in the province of Udine, have been found. These would be the bodies of Bianca Doros, 23, and Patrizia Cormos, 20. However, Cristian Casian Molnar, 25, the third and final missing person, has not yet been found. One body has already been found, while operations are still underway for the other identified by firefighters and civil protection teams. The bodies were found hundreds of meters from the small beach where the three friends were overwhelmed, in the Paderno region. The falling water level brought the bodies to the surface. One was found by Civil Protection practically on the banks of the Natisone, while the other, identified by the firefighters, resurfaced and the recovery operations are a little more complicated.


The bodies were found not far from the Roman bridge, from where they were last seen and from where firefighters had tried to lower the ropes so that the boys, carried away by the current of the swollen Natisone, could pull themselves together . The most likely hypothesis, some experts explain, is that the deaths of the two young girls occurred a few moments after their passage under the bridge. The bodies, perhaps already lifeless due to the very low temperature of the water, were carried away by the rushing force of the waters and ended up in a ravine or tangled in vegetation. Today, with the water level much lower, almost back to normal, the bodies have resurfaced.

The searches of June 2

Nighttime searches were in vain and firefighters continued to scan the course of the stream until it reached the confluence with the Torre River. But no trace of the bodies of the three boys was found, nor any object or sign that could help in their identification. Search operations continue today, June 2, also taking advantage of more favorable weather conditions. The objective of the firefighters is to sweep increasingly large areas around the river, with the help of drones also provided by the Civil Protection of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. A new intervention by divers is also expected, to explore the waters that the three boys were able to cross. Dog units are also working to search areas that have now become dry again, after the exceptional flood which began last Friday. Over the last few hours, the flow rate of the Natisone has returned almost to normal, in line with the average for the period. A circumstance which according to the firefighters could have favored the re-emergence of the three missing people.

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