Benito Mussolini and the fascist hierarchs now cease to be honorary citizens of the island of Ustica. The Municipal Council approved an amendment which affects the regulation of this distinction: if the person awarded dies, the distinction also expires. It was the councilors of the majority – center-right – who created this formula. A decision aimed at avoiding the dismissal directed against Mussolini and the main leaders Roberto Farinacci, Pietro Lanza di Scalea, Alfredo Cucco and Cesare Mori, as the opposition requested with an amendment. “This puts an end to artificial controversies and definitively fills a gap in the previous regulation – write the advisors of the majority – we expected a more collaborative and more effective presence from the minority group but, once again, we take note warmongering and unnecessary triumphalism. attitudes showing little civic sense Fair play preferring to discuss and approach subjects with sentences shouted and trumpeted in the media or social networks in order to gather a little more consensus to have more visibility and, in fact, abstain when they should or could have agreed “.

The “collateral” effect

However, with this change in regulations, it is not only the representatives of the Twenty Years Movement who will lose recognition of the island of Ustica. The Municipality will have to withdraw citizenship from all other deceased people who had received it. Among them, presenter Mike Bongiorno and Lucio Messina, inventor of the prestigious Golden Trident, a prize that some define as “the Nobel of the sea”. The winners of this award, over the years, have also automatically become honorary citizens of the island of Ustica, such as the American astronaut Malcom Scott Carpenter, Walt Disney, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Folco Quilici, Enzo Maiorca and many others. From now on, with Mussolini, they will also lose their honorary citizenship. “Today the majority led by the right-wing mayor Salvatore Militello, rather than proceeding with the simple revocation of the honorary citizenship conferred in 1924 on the dictator Mussolini, approved an amendment by which it is established that the citizenship of Honor ceases to exist when the honorary citizens are no longer alive – denounce the minority councilors Diego Altezza, Martina Natale and Maria Ailara -. We think this is not appropriate. There are illustrious people, honorary citizens of the municipality of Ustica who, even though they are no longer alive, continue to bring prestige to the island.

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