He is not terminally ill, the term was inaccurate, but he has a serious pathology and “his pain is real”. Stefania Bettinelli, president of the Modena association Le Ali di Camilla, published a note to clarify once and for all the state of health of Edoardo, the Roma supporter who had moved all listeners with his telephone call to the radio. First of all, it is necessary to preserve anonymity: “As an association, we must and want to protect your privacy, because in the world of rare and ultra-rare diseases, even the name, city and name of the illness immediately makes the person known. identifiable”. Indeed, Bettinelli explains that “Edoardo exists and he is really sick. He is one of our associates and his pain is real”, the phone call arrived in a moment of enormous despair as it is often the case for patients in the same condition, who suffer from a “rare and serious disease”, a chronic, incurable and degenerative disease. like his. His comments live on the radio of the Roma supporters' program moved listeners who mobilized to put him in contact with the Giallorossi club. First team coach De Rossi said he was available to accommodate his wishes, should he wish to come forward. It was later discovered that he was not suffering from a terminal illness and that requests for appointments at a clinic in Switzerland were not intended to set an end-of-life date. “I did it because it made me laugh that, even in a very painful situation, my thoughts were always focused on Rome, as well as today,” explained Edoardo, “I always joke, the lightness helps me,” he justified. “I ask for respect for the depth and delicacy of what he revealed, speaking from the stomach, like any fan who turns to the radio of his favorite team. Without any ulterior motive or ulterior motive. I ask you, please, not to exploit his brilliance and to treat him with the respect he deserves,” Bettinelli further requested.

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