Campi Flegrei, no seismic bonus. Minister Musumeci: “Help for those who wish to leave their homes and work on the evacuation plan”

“We are trying to understand if it is not also useful to support citizens who want to move and who say 'we don't want to stay here anymore.' Should the government support this choice, accompany it or look away? This is a hypothesis that should not be underestimated, I think, we are thinking about it: this evening we have placed the subject at the center of the agenda.” Words from the Minister of Civil Protection, Nello Musumeci, at the end of the interministerial summit on seismic activity in the Flegrei Fields No earthquake bonus but help for those who decide to leave their homes “We are working with the prefecture, with the municipalities, with the Campania Region. define an evacuation plan which remains in the drawer but if it proves necessary, it must be used and implemented immediately”, added the minister. During the interministerial summit convened by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to follow the situation in real time, according to what was learned from sources at Palazzo Chigi, a detailed study was carried out on the state of the art, distinguishing the current situation and the necessary prevention and security work. will be given to the safety of schools and the continuity of essential services.

Opposition to the attack, while in the House we say yes to bonuses to support populations affected by earthquakes

Meanwhile, the opposition does not like Minister Musumeci's comments. In the House, the Superbonus decree agenda received the almost unanimous green light to evaluate the commitment of this instrument in supporting affected populations. “Let them agree: it is not possible for the minister to say something contrary to what we have just voted for,” underlined M5s MP Antonio Caso during the session. Some Democratic lawmakers also protested.

Yellow alert for Campi Flegrei

Furthermore, the Minister of Civil Protection and Maritime Policies, Nello Musumeci, believes that the Major Risks Commission will issue a yellow alert for the Flegrei Fields area. “I don’t know if there were divergent opinions, I don’t rule it out,” he added. “We southerners are a little light, a little fatalistic, we are used to knock on wood, I live it day by day as a protagonist. But we must understand that those who want to continue living in this area must equip themselves,” said the minister. “We must not remember the vulnerability of the region only when the earthquake occurs. We wish a great tourist and entrepreneurial activity but with great responsibility, 24 hours a day,” he added, emphasizing the importance of the exercises. “The exercises have already started, it is one of the activities that must never stop. The faculty – he explained – is entrusted to the local authorities, they coordinate the exercises: they are not walks or tiring and boring rituals but must find emotional participation on the part of the people: what happens does seeming to be able to happen, everyone must know how to distance themselves. themselves, without dramatization. Schools have already been implicated in bradyseismic risk. There will be another exercise on May 30. Some exercises also involved public administration managers and operators. We hope for greater and massive participation of the people. »

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