Democratic Party Secretary Elly Schlein will sign on to CGIL referendums that call for the repeal of key parts of the Jobs Act, the labor law sought by then-Democratic Party leader and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. The secretary herself announced it today from Forlì. “I have already said that a large part of the Democratic party will sign, others will not. I put myself among those who will do it. I could not do otherwise, given that it is a qualifying point of the motion with which I won the primaries last year,” said Schlein on the sidelines of the Unity celebration in Vecchiazzano, Forlì . Where there is also room for a CGIL stand to collect signatures The referendums proposed by the union led by Maurizio Landini aim to “bring down” the rules on layoffs and fixed-term contracts. Democratic Party is participating in the campaign for the European elections, in the administrative elections and in another very important collection of signatures for us, that for the minimum wage”, however added the secretary, as if to indicate that it is not the employment law which, according to her, must focus the next battle.

The collapse of Italia Viva and the embarrassment of democratic reformists

But the announcement of the signing was enough to trigger hostile reactions from the party's minority, and from those who had already left the Democratic Party for some time. “Elly Schlein signs the referendum against the employment law. The secretary of the PD signs the abolition of a law desired and passed by the PD. There is finally clarity. They are on the subsidy side, we are on the labor side. Reformer friends: but how can we still remain in the PD?”, writes on his social networks the “father” of this law, today leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi. “The choice of Elly Schlein to sign the referendum of the CGIL against the employment law officially certifies the definitive accomplishment of the grillino-populist drift of the Democratic Party, a deformed party which has completely lost its original vocation,” adds Raffaella Paita of Italia Viva, according to at this stage, the Democratic Party “should change its name and become a new 5 Star Movement.” If the PD reformists do not strike now, it means that this area no longer exists.” “If he really wanted to force this, he could have done it before Conte. I remain against it. Many love me,” responds simply for the moment Marianna Madia, who was a minister in the Renzi government and who is today one of the reformists who remain a minority within the Democratic Party.

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