They offered help to future drivers, providing them with license packages, headphones and micro-cameras useful for passing the test. The Lucca traffic police thus discovered a 45-year-old man, residing in Bologna, who had presented himself for the theoretical exam with all the necessary equipment, discovering him and his alleged accomplices. All three are Nigerian citizens and have been denounced. The “assistants”, one 40 years old, residing in Prato, and the other 27 years old from Florence, had equipped it with the necessary equipment not far from the headquarters of the Civil Motorization Office. Investigations revealed a system whereby, for payment of a sum, the accomplices offered a complete package with a teleprompter hidden outside the examination room to pass the theoretical exam. One of the accomplices, caught in the act by the police, tried in vain to escape. The product was recovered from his home, around 1,500 euros, seized with all the equipment.

(ANSA archive photo/LUCA ZENNARO)

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