Turkish Airlines presents the Tomorrow On-Board program

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Turkish Airlines (TK), one of the youngest airlines in Europe, launched “Tomorrow on board» (TOB), a sustainable development program that aims to reduce the environmental impacts and risks caused by aviation. The program was recently presented atIstanbul Airport.

rug artwork rug artwork
Mr. Besk, Turbulence (Turkish Airlines)

With a fleet of 94 planesincluding passenger and cargo aircraft, Turkish Airlines serves more than 342 destinations worldwide. Levent Konokcu, The company's director of investments and strategy explains that “the new program aims for environmental sustainability in order to leave a better world for future generations.”

work of art with suitcase work of art with suitcase
Büşra Çeğil, Memory Lane (Turkish Airlines)

Objective: “zero emissions” by 2050

Turkish Airlines, the company reports, “already adopts preventive measures against noise and material pollution, reduces waste to a minimum and encourages recycling. He is aware of the impact of the aeronautical industry on the climate change, etc.is conducting in-depth studies on sustainable biofuels to limit air pollution.”

“Continuous modernization processes” push the Turkish airline to research “to increase energy efficiency with the future generation of ecological planes ». Turkish Airlines' efforts are now focused on “achieving the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The adoption of biofuels, the creation of infrastructure and the development of new aviation technologies are the first step in this direction,” he explains further in a note. Turkish Airlines.

For more information on the sustainability policies adopted, please visit the airline's website.

Steel circle shaped artworkSteel circle shaped artwork
Mert Ege Köse, Uçmanın Formu (Turkish Airlines)

The journey begins at 41.2607° North and 28.7424° East

Tomorrow On-Board wants to bring together “people, planet and development” because “sustainability is a question of human rights. Those who transit through airports know that the journey begins long before you arrive. » And it is precisely in front of entrance 4 of Istanbul airport that an exhibition was inaugurated for the launch of TOB, entitled “41.2607° North and 28.7424° East“.

art timeart time
Eser Epözdemir, heavenly witness (Turkish Airlines)

The intention to save and pay attention to the environment is explicit in the four works of art presented on June 5, 2024, as they are obtained entirely from waste, recycled and, once again, assembled according to the principle “Zero waste”.

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Waste reduction and recycling are priorities in Turkish Airlines policy, and art is the basis of dialogue on personal and corporate responsibility. “We have created something that everyone can create” underlines the curator Ay that ok. Sustainability also has a human face. The paintings, sculptures and installations of Büşra Çeğil, Mert Ege Köse, M. Besk and Eser Epözdemir they are “a second chance and a door wide open to the future”.

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