“The ball goes to the supporters…”, the blunder was almost missed live on Rai1: what we heard during the Italy-Spain break – Video

“So I'm not the only one to have heard it,” wrote several Internet users, on the field which was still tied without a goal and the disappointment with the performance of the Azzurri until that moment was great. During the break, commentator Alberto Rimedio comments with former footballer Antonio Di Gennaro on the Azzurri's only shot towards the goal. Di Gennaro himself speaks of Federico Chiesa's attempt, which practically ended in the corner: “And here the double of Fabian Ruiz occurs,” says Di Gennaro who, speaking of Chiesa, seems to be engaging in a too explicit comment: “He is not one-on-one, he could have hit more transversely, but the ball goes fan-shaped…”. However, Di Gennaro stops just in time and tries to make a move: ” It's going very high.” Comments of solidarity with the author of the near-blunder were numerous, with which more than one agreed: “That would have been an impeccable comment.”

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