The obligation to have showers with drinking water on Italian beaches: “We risk staying dry”

Legislative Decree 18/2023 requires that drinking water be available on Italian beaches. And now, seaside resorts will have to adapt by next summer. This provision repealed Decree 31/2001, requiring that water that comes into contact in factories must be “intended for human consumption”. So drinkable: and this applies to showers as well as swimming pools. According to Confesercenti, the obligation to drink water on the beaches, which he speaks about today The messenger, could sink factories. “The consequence would be excessive consumption of water in summer, with supply risks,” says the employers’ union. While among the resorts, some do not want to support any investment to connect the systems to the water network. Especially today, when Bolkenstein looms.

The seaside resorts

The newspaper explains that in Tuscany, local health authorities have already started to encourage seaside resorts to adapt. “Here, almost all factories use water from wells,” says Carlo Ricci of Confartigianato Balneari. “Connecting to the water network involves complex work and the season starts at Easter,” he adds. According to the leaders' representative, such a rule could cause problems this summer. Because these could be private homes that remain dry. “The ideal would be to postpone everything for a year,” suggests Ricci. While adaptation by summer, at least in Tuscany, would not be necessary for everyone. Even in Sicily and Calabria, the water in the showers is not drinkable. Even if it is analyzed and purified. And some municipalities prohibit the use of drinking water on beaches. No problem, however, in Emilia-Romagna, where the shower water has been drinkable for 50 years. The same situation in the Marches.

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