Tonino Lamborghini and his alleged daughter Flavia Borzone: “It’s dirty that he’s arriving after 35 years: there will only be peanuts”

A press conference took place at the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum, in Funo di Argelato, in the province of Bologna. Today, June 20, we're not talking about cars. The son of the founder of the automobile company – now owned by Audi – called journalists to talk about the case of his alleged daughter, Flavia Borzone. The entrepreneur Tonino Lamborghini does not recognize her as his daughter and the matter even ended up in court. Three days ago, the 36-year-old Neapolitan was acquitted of defamation, while her mother, Rosalba Colosimo, was fined one thousand euros. The entrepreneur sued them after the two men, in a series of interviews, urged the man to acknowledge Borzone's paternity. Looking back on today, Lamborghini wanted to comment on the story: “I feel bad about it, because it affects my family. I've been through a lot of wars, but my family hasn't.”

The Bolognese edition of Republic reports the salient passages of the press conference. Lamborghini admitted to having a relationship with Borzone's mother in the 1980s, but characterized by “very rare and occasional intimate relationships” while he was still single. The woman, he said, “rested from time to time in my house in Bologna and then returned to her husband.” To a specific question as to whether Borzone is his daughter or not, the entrepreneur replied: “As far as I know, no. Whoever lives will see it, I will fight for the truth to the end. If I was asked to do a DNA test I would a priori say no, because I had many women before my wife. If I had to make myself available to everyone who thinks about saying 'she's your daughter'… no.” The fact that the two women have reappeared “after 35 years,” he added, “is a little dirty”. The subtext is that the two men made a big noise for “the search for notoriety and for economic reasons linked to future inheritance”.

The most serious thing is that this affair has upset the peace of his family, Lamborghini stressed. And he recalled two contacts he had with Borzone and his mother. That of 2019, when “Miss Flavia, in February 2019, got into my car one day asking me to take a DNA test. I replied that I hadn't even thought about it and he took a bottle of water from me with the intention of doing the test, he waved it from afar. But we never knew anything. » Until the interview in October 2019. And then the phone call in 2015, when the two men called Lamborghini's wife to give her their version. “Are we kidding? They threw away a family.” Even Elettra Lamborghini, the entrepreneur's most famous child, “is as angry as a hyena.”

And he concluded in a very harsh tone: “They are convinced that one day they will become millionaires, but that is not how things happen, maybe they will get peanuts, but I have a wife, children. They only think about notoriety, if you take the information to different newspapers, you will receive 30, 40, 50 thousand euros. For them, it’s flowing gold. » And again: “Do you realize what people do for money? Do you deny a father who changed your diapers, took you to school, took you on vacation playing guitar and selling paintings in the streets of Naples, hoping that when I died, he would will inherit? I am outraged. And then the poor father, who also accepts for money and admits that he is a cuckold, happy and certified? And do you agree to take the test? I am not resigned to the advertising hype and I intend to fully assert my rights, based on the stability of the family situation in all European systems. To this end, I will use all legal means available. »

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