The Neapolitan company Grimaldi linessynonymous with the latest generation of ferries with a network of 20 maritime connections in the Mediterranean Sea, and Trenitalia they sign one partnerships in the name ofintermobility and of sustainability. To ensure greater service integration for those traveling in form and in Ferry.

For those who choose to join the islands this summer, the Sardinia and the Sicilyyou can buy in aone-stop travel solutionthe rail route and the sea route.

THE combined “train+boat” ticket you can buy it immediately, on the Trenitalia website, for departures from June 1, 2024 on.

It is available on the lines Civitavecchia-Olbia, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres, Civitavecchia-Cagliari, Civitavecchia-Arbatax, Naples-Cagliari, Naples-Palermo and vice versa. The combined “train + boat” ticket will also be launched soon on the Livorno-Olbia and Livorno-Palermo lines.

THE Grimaldi Group And Trenitalia announced the partnership, today May 13, aboard M/n Cruise Barcelona in port of Civitavecchia: “This is a partnership strongly supported by the Grimaldi Group and Trenitalia, with the aim of creating a combined transport network and promoting widespread and sustainable collective mobility” – he explained Guido GrimaldiCommercial Director Corporate Short Sea Shipping of the Grimaldi Group – “Theintermodality is now also strategic for the passenger sector, precisely with a view to greater integration of mobility services and strong attention to the issue of sustainability»

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Convenience, durability, to which is added an undeniable simplicity also in to plan movements. Make it more enjoyable and less tiring organize a vacation: “We are proud of the partnership with Grimaldi Lines, which will offer travelers the opportunity to plan their trip to the most beautiful places in Sardinia and Sicily even more easily, with a view to living the experience tourism so accessibleflexible and durable,” he explained Maria Annunziata Giaconiadirector of regional affairs and intermodal development of Trenitalia.

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