Alessia Pifferi was sentenced to life in prison by the Assize Court for allowing her daughter Diana, aged just 18 months, to starve to death, leaving her alone for six days in their home on Via Parea in Milan. The court accepted the request of Milan prosecutor Francesco De Tommasi, while lawyer Alessia Pontenani, who assists Pifferi, requested acquittal. “If I had to take the black cloth off my shoulders, I would tell you that Alessia Pifferi is a monster. He did a terrible, terrible thing. But we don't make moral judgments, it's about applying the law. I ask for acquittal: it is clear that he did not want to kill the little girl and he said that from the beginning,” Pontenani said in his speech.

The civil party

Lawyer Emanuele De Mitri, lawyer for the civil parties, is of a different opinion: “We are facing a frightening case, in which responsibility is clear. In this trial, there is only one truth: Alessia Pifferi is guilty of the murder of little Diana.” “Pifferi killed her daughter, leaving her alone without food or water for six days. She clearly knew that her daughter was going to die. Pifferi betrayed little Diana, he betrayed Diana's body – added the lawyer – was a presumptuous woman. She did not ask her family for help, even if she knew. that her family would help her, by hiding what she was doing.”

Psychiatric expertise

The reference is to his mother Maria and his sister Viviana, “the only ones who gave him a helping hand. The mother tried in every way to support Alessia Pifferi. Although relations were strained, Viviana considered Diana's birth a miracle. They could never have thought that Pifferi would abandon the little girl like this. » De Mitri requested compensation of 200 thousand euros for his mother and 150 thousand euros for his sister, i.e. a provisional amount of 100 thousand euros each. On February 26, the result of the psychiatric expertise requested by the judges of the Milan Assize Court arrived. He had noticed that Alessia Pifferi was indeed capable of understanding and wanting. While the psychological tests carried out on the accused in prison ended up at the center of another investigation: two psychologists from San Vittore prison and Pifferi's lawyer, prosecuted for forgery and complicity, allegedly helped the woman obtain the psychiatric report by falsifying a psychodiagnostic test, claiming that the 38-year-old suffered from a cognitive deficit. Conclusions that the expert deemed “unreliable”.

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