The order for the demolition of the illegal works in the villa of Daniela Santanchè's son is approaching. The municipality of Pietrasanta, in the province of Lucca, is evaluating the authorizations for the porticos, awnings and verandas of the 270 square meter property located in the Versiliana Park. In October 2020, the public prosecutor's office requested and obtained the dismissal of the crime of abuse of property against Lorenzo Mazzaro, son of Canio and minister of the Meloni government. But nine amnesty attempts were still rejected. And now the reduction order is looming. On request for restoration within the inventory deadlines. It is for this reason that the municipal police of Pietrasanta received the mission to return to Casina Rossa. And check that the offenses noted between 2014 and 2015 are still there.

The Red House

Daily fact today reports the investigations at the time, carried out by the judicial police. The first access dates back to September 3, 2014, then the agents drew up report no. 1. 49/2014. This is how the procedure for infringement of the planning law begins. The prosecution receives the names of those responsible: Santanchè's son, the surveyor responsible for the work Simone Bianchi (since deceased) and the owner of the company Biocostruzioni Sas in Florence. The irregularities are: walkways and pedestrian entrances, windows transformed into French windows, two porches, two pergolas, a solar greenhouse, two brick terraces with wooden and terracotta floors. Laurel hedges also violate landscaping regulations. The other inspection took place on June 5, 2015. The municipality will now return to Casina Rossa. To confirm the persistence of abuse and avoid requests for suspension from owners.

The superintendent

The superintendent will have no role to play in this matter. “There is no practice of evaluating landscape compatibility in the archives of the associated Landscape Service,” according to the municipality of Forte dei Marmi, responsible for this territory. Manager Simone Pedonese tells Finished that the verification “is however limited to documents issued since the creation of the service, therefore from January 1, 2020”. There was no amnesty, even in the 2020 file archived by the prosecution.

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